AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association

The Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg (KFA) is member of a number of (short)film-related regional, national and international institutions, and liaises with the film and culture institutes of many countries.

Foundation, cooperation and board work
It cooperates particularly closely with the AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association.Together with the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, the KFA played a key role in founding the German Short Film Association in 2002 and, besides numerous project cooperations, has also been active on the board of the association since then. The AG Kurzfilm represents the interests of the German short film industry. It functions as the primary contact partner for politicians, the film industry and cinemas, and in close cooperation with German Films it is responsible for the promotion of German short films abroad. Membership of the AG Kurzfilm includes film schools, film festivals as well as short film distributors and sales companies.

In its capacity as board member of the AG Kurzfilm, the KFA management has been a deputy member of the Administrative Council of the German Federal Film Board (FFA) since 2003.

Soirée Allemande

Since 2004 the AG Kurzfilm and the KFA, in cooperation with the Goethe Institute Lyon and German Films, have been presenting current German short film productions at the “Soirée Allemande” within the framework of the French Festival du Court Métrage Clermont-Ferrand. The Soiréé screening followed by a reception and party has in the meantime become a regular programme feature of this important short film event and is very popular with the public.