No Awards/ Foul?/ 1st Sampler

No Awards/ Foul?/ 1st Sampler

No Awards

No prize is awarded by the jury in the NoBudget Competition. Wenzel Storch explains the decision of the jury: “There wasn’t a single film amongst them that would have deserved the prize. Anyhow, my favourites were shown on Trash Nite.” The 5,000 DM went towards the newly founded Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg (KFA).


The Chancellor’s twilight

The topic of the Three-Minute-Quickie Competition for the following year is to be decided in due course by audience voting at the prize ceremony. Three rounds of voting are held. In fact, the audience unanimously votes for the suggestion “Der Kanzler stirbt“ (“The Chancellor dies”). However, in an effort to deceive the clap-o-meter, loud applause is heard playing from a tape recorder in favour of the Festival management’s choice “Das zehnte Mal” (“The Tenth Time”). The Festival management is worried that it will not receive any more funds from the authorities. Finally, however, loud calls of “foul play” from the audience convince that it should be the “Chancellor” topic.


Our first sampler

We release our first VHS with the title „Perlen für die Säue“ („Pearls before Swine“): 26 short trash films, the best from the Trash Nites which were very poplular at the time.