Curatorial work and short film research

Our experience
The KFA regularly curates film programmes for national and international festivals and institutions, and often manages their presentation. It compiles films on any given cultural, socio-political or aesthetic topic and takes responsibility for the clarification of screening rights and the acquisition of screening copies.

Important contacts
Our clients include numerous national and international film festivals, well-known German cultural institutions such as the Goethe Institute, the Federal Culture Foundation, private foundations such as the Wüstenrot Foundation, classical museums, galleries and theatres and commercial enterprises. As a result the KFA and those who work with us benefit enormously from our long-standing experience and competence in short films. This expertise comes from dealing with submissions to the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, visits to relevant film festivals and our knowledge of film history.

Large selection
The main focus of our work has been on short films made in the past 30 years. Since the foundation of the NoBudget Short Film Festival (as of 1993, The Hamburg International Short Film Festival, now: Shortfilm Festival Hamburg) we have been archiving interesting works from every genre of short film. With this in mind, the ever expanding Shortfilm Database and the corresponding Shortfilm Archive were established.