fux Lichtspiele

Small cinema for exciting encounters and more

Together with other members of the fux eG, the KFA runs a fine little cinema, the fux Lichtspiele, with regular programmes, at festivals and special occasions, with interesting guests and above all: for a lively exchange. Equipped with 15 comfortable red plush armchairs and 5 additional seats, digital screening formats can be shown here (film file, Blu-ray and DVD, with Dolby Pro Logic).

In addition to the regular cinema events, the room is used for viewing purposes, press screenings, short film premieres and discussion events as well as a venue during the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg and dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg.

The cinema is suitable for a variety of purposes (film screenings, test screenings, sample screenings, private film screenings and much more) and can be rented.

Your contact person at the KFA for the fux Lichtspiele:

Susanne Scherer
Tel: +49-(0)40-39 10 63 0
E-Mail: kfa@shortfilm.com


22765 Hamburg