Screening of Short Films

Since the foundation of the KFA and the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, it has always been our aim to screen short films. Publically, affordably, accessibly, regularly – and not only during festival times.

Kurzfilm Hamburg
(Tuesday Cinema Club) in the Filmhaus cinema and the Kurzfilmstammtisch (Meeting place of Shortfilm fans) in the B-Movie cinema have been beacons of Hamburg’s short film scene for many years. Archival treasures have been shown on a monthly basis, and emphasis given to highlighting themes or individuals.

Under the label Kurzfilm Hamburg we are now bringing together our public short film screenings, which we organise outside of our film festivals.

The first German Kurzfilmtag (i.e. Short Film Day) took place on 21st December 2012, based on the French model, and on the initiative of the AG Kurzfilm (Short Film Association) and the KFA. This involves the screening of short films in every possible location on the shortest day of the year – an idea which still arouses great enthusiasm. Short films have been screened and continue to be screened in many cities, in cinemas, open air, in public transport facilities, galleries, museums and other locations.